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International Affairs

The University of Sopron has connections with more than 250 foreign higher educational and research institutions. It has 205 partners in Europe and 45 on other continents. Co-operations include student exchanges as well. The agreements, in accordance with the Bologna process, make it possible for the students of the university to acquire knowledge abroad, learn about the culture of other countries and improve their command of foreign languages. In the 2009/10 academic year 122 students spent a total of 524 months studying or doing a work placement abroad. The EU funds were more than 240,000 EUR, which were completed with further amounts from the university and the student self-government. The allocation for the 2010/2011 academic year is more than 320,000 EUR owing to a successful application. A large number of students study at universities in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain. Besides the Erasmus program, several faculties of the university take part in the CEEPUS network (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies). It is worth mentioning, that students and Ph.D. students of the university can also study overseas, at the higher educational institutions of the USA and Canada.