The Szökős Folk Dance Group

The Szökős Folk Dance Group started its artistic activity in Kőszeg in 1988. They worked in Szombathely from 1993, where the company achieved its professional success performing dance folklore of Hungary and of the Carpathian Basin in an authentic way. Since the merger of Berzsenyi Dániel College and the University of West Hungary they have continued their operation as the folk dance group of the university.

They have kept the authentic characteristics of style, but they have also built complex dance theatre forms into their performances. They are regular performers at university ceremonies, and they also accept invitations from the city or the county. Since 1994 they have organised the “Vasi Dödölle” folk days. They take an active part in the dance pedagogy training of the university.

At present the group leader is Gábor Gaspari and the artistic assistants are Ágnes Piszker and Gábor Gergácz. Since 1996 the group has been awarded several prizes at festivals and at national competitions.